Happy Birthday, Nick EP

by Miyha

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Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Mike Pellino on Nick Hoffmann's 27th birthday in the year of 2016.


released January 9, 2017

Lead Guitar: Mike Pellino
Bass: Nick Hoffmann
Drums: Erik Fredine
Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals: Alejandra Perez

All parts written by individual members. No lyrics may be copied or featured with out consent of Miyha.


all rights reserved



Miyha Madison, Wisconsin

Debut LP "World's Biggest Crush" coming out April 26th via Heavy Meadow Records.

Miyha is:

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Track Name: Viroqua
I wake up with that old, hard feeling
30 seconds in and it hurts so bad
I went down to Chicago and I came back
You told me you needed me more than you ever had

But you won't call me back, oh no
You don't know me now

You've got a new girlfriend and she seems nice
Not anyone that I'd ever put time into
I started going back out to the bars
Try to avoid all the ones where you'd go

But you won't call me back, oh no
You don't know me now

I'm in the spotlight now, I've been feeling anxious, waiting for some time
I hope you don't forget all the nice things that we shared
and I'm sorry that I yelled
Track Name: Dodge or Pine
I was thinking about a time that we walked
Out through the park and all the trees were torn up out of the ground
and I couldn't stay there with you

It could've anyone else but me, it could've been him or her, but
I wanted to be there for you and now it seems real

Do you remember down on broom street?
I really felt like I had met the person of my dreams
and even though we'd known each other a while
it seemed like that we'd be a good match

I know that you have a lot that you feel really bad about
and I know that sometimes it's hard to talk to me 'cause I'm a mess, too

I'm a mess, too - I can't even pay the bills
But some how I see you and I want you

I know that I haven't been perfect, I know that I've been a fool for you
and I know that I can't contain myself so I'm just gonna stress until you say otherwise
Track Name: 92/69/39
From you I got Tom T. Hall and Homecoming
From you I got Monday nights drinking tequila and lime
From you I got Ryan Adams singing 1989
From you I got rolling hills and train tunnels

It doesn't seem like much when I put it in a box
I'm sure you've burned mine by now, by now

As you smoked I beg you for one more light
On that roof I didn't know about coke or lies or loss
Tell your mama I'm weak, not the girl of your dreams
While you're at it why don't you tell her how you treated me

It doesn't seem like much when I write it all down
Abuser won't you love me back, won't you love me back

Make me feel bad bar, tell me to be quiet
and when we get home tell me no one's ever fucked you like I do
I hope the next girl's boring as hell

I hope you cry about it, I hope you always feel guilty for fucking this up
Track Name: Sommers / Summer
It's getting harder to remember, as seasons pass by
was I the one who threw the first punch?
And when there's leaves on the ground and cold in the air
Will I remember all the worst parts of living on Sommers?

How does she feel? As good as you thought that she would?
And do you miss your old girl? Do you feel sad when you can't see her?
Do you pretend that I'm her? Do you pretend?

It doesn't make sense to ask what's going on with you
It's a questioning cycle, what's going on with you?
I don't wanna be someone to you
You don't seem like you would come home at night
She said you should be alone for now and
I'm just drowing in your problems

I don't wanna face the sentiment of dying
I don't want to make you feel wild or free
Just wanna know where you go
Track Name: Raspberry Kombucha
5am seems like a real good time to hurt someone you said you loved
On the bathroom floor, you looked up at me and you said "what the hell do you take pride in?"
Now that I htink on back I'm not so sure that you swore
Couldn't of hurt any worse than when you climbed into someone else

You just keep on denying what's growing in your guts

He speaks and I follow, he speaks and I follow

It's like a movie in here and I kind of like it
I'm alive and I'm safe and I'm sorry, I'm alive and I'm safe and I'm sorry
and I love you, too
What we had was very special and I'm sorry that shit got in the way of that
You are poison, have you no dignity?

You just keep on denying what's growing in your guts

I found you at the bar with a turtle in your hand
and I took you home and gave you back the bag that I stole
and I on your phone Sturgill cried oh Sarah, oh Sarah, oh Sarah, oh Sarah, oh Sarah
and in the morning you showed me one last time what it was like to be loved
to be yours, to be yours, to be yours

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